A Good Free Alternative To Collabedit

Many of us use Collabedit frequently to conduct technical interviews. It is a easy to use online code editor where code can be shared between interviewer & interviewee. It supports most of the common programming languages available like Java, C++, Python, PHP or JavaScript. But recently I have seen Collabedit having server problems frequently. Sometimes the website … Read more

Java Code Implementation For All Unique Permutations

This is a common question asked in interviews of Microsoft, Google & Facebook. You might have stumbled upon this question in LeetCode or InterviewBit. Given a collection of numbers that might contain duplicates, return all possible unique permutations. Input: nums = [1,1,2] Output: [[1,1,2],  [1,2,1],  [2,1,1]] Here is the working solution for this problem in … Read more

Log When JDBC Connection Is Acquired And Released

We are fond of one db session per request pattern. For web applications with JPA & Hibernate, it is good strategy in common cases. But for some long-running requests (definition of long-running depends on your use case, maybe 500 ms or 2 s), we need to tweak when we are actually acquiring a db connection … Read more