Solve Error connecting to agent: Connection refused In Windows

I stopped using Putty as my SSH client when I moved to Windows 10 from Windows 7. I have started using OpenSSH client that comes with Windows 10 & I am pretty happy with it. Sometimes we need to add our private key to SSH-agent for repeated use. And sometimes we need to use connection forwarding using ssh -A command to a remote computer. For that we need SSH-agent enabled. I faced one problem while using ssh-add command to add a private key in Windows 10. I got the below error:

Error connecting to agent: Connection refused

It basically means SSH agent is not enabled in Windows. To solve this, we need to enable OpenSSH Authentication Agent service. We can do it following below steps:

Click on Start button & type Services in search box.

Once we are in services dashboard, we need to check the status of OpenSSH Authentication Agent service & make it enabled.

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