How to Mock Java Enum or Final Class Without PowerMock

First things first. Here we won’t be discussing mocking of Java enum or final class using PowerMock framework. That is already discussed in tons of places & one of the main reason why people tend to use PowerMock.Here we will be discussing mocking of enum or final classes with Mockito framework only. The feature has … Read more

GKE Autopilot Cluster Creation Failed With 400 Response “Autopilot clusters must be regional clusters.”

I was playing around with Google Kubernetes Engine few days back. I wanted to try out GKE autopilot cluster setup. I followed the steps mentioned in the docs & executed commands from Cloud Shell. I have setup default project id, zone & region before actually initiating GKE cluster creation process. I ran the below three … Read more

How to Upload Missing Documents for Insurance Claim in MediBuddy Portal

Recently we faced this issue. We have MediBuddy as our medical insurance portal. We submitted a claim via the website MediBuddy team got back to us via email & asked for few more documents. There was a link in the email to submit documents online for that claim. But we couldn’t find any … Read more