Java Program To Solve Word Break Problem

Given a string A and a dictionary of words B, find out if A can be segmented into a space-separated sequence of dictionary words. Input: A = “myinterviewtrainer”, B = [“trainer”, “my”, “interview”]Output: 1 (“myinterviewtrainer” can be segmented as “my interview trainer”) Input: A = “cc” B = [“ccc”]Output: 0 (“cc” can’t be segmented as … Read more

Java Program For Shortest Unique Prefix Problem

Shortest Unique Prefix is an interview question which you can find in websites like GeeksForGeeks & InterviewBit. It is asked in Google interviews. Basically we need to find shortest unique prefix to represent each word in the list. Input: [zebra, dog, duck, dove]Unique Prefix of each word is as below:zebra = zdog = dogduck = … Read more

Better Explanation Of Order of People Heights Problem And Java Program To Solve It

Order of People Heights is an interview question that is asked in Google. You can find the question in websites like InterviewBit & CareerCup. But the problem is that you won’t find a good explanation of the problem anywhere. Let me try to describe the problem statement clearly. Input : Heights: 5 3 2 6 … Read more