How to Install MySQL Client Inside Application Container

Sometimes we might feel the need to install MySQL client inside a Docker container which is running our application server. We might have faced some MySQL error while running some database query or there is some issue while connecting to MySQL server from the Docker container. At that time if we can install MySQL client … Read more

How to Solve LocalStack Always Connecting To LocalHost

I have LocalStack in my local machine for resolving AWS service dependencies. I am trying to test my application which connects to the LocalStack SQS. I have deployed my application as a docker container. The problem is when I am accessing SQS getQueueUrl from my application container, it is giving me localhost as AWS endpoint. … Read more

Connecting to LocalStack From Local Docker App Container

For doing dev testing of my application, I use LocalStack. It is really helpful in creating AWS cloud stack locally. That cuts cost for local development & testing. Also it is easier for developers to remove any DevOps dependency for credentials & IAM accounts while developing. Once LocalStack is successfully installed, we can access AWS … Read more