Get Best Photo Scan App For Free

Nowadays we frequently submit soft copies of documents online. Most of the documentation or verification process for any kind of enrollment has become digital. One thing I noticed is that people often ask me to submit scanned copies of documents. I don’t have a physical scanner in my home. It doesn’t make sense to me … Read more

Solve Google Chrome Sound Issue In Windows

Just last week I solved this problem. In my Windows 10 laptop sound was fine. I was able to hear people in video chat. Even Microsoft Edge which is built-in browser for Windows was also working fine. But I was not getting any sound from Google Chrome. There can be various issues. But if there … Read more

Use Notepad++ As Offline JSON Validator

As software developers we encounter JSON format frequently, especially if we are into developing web apps. It is a common format for REST API payload. Or there are NoSQL databases like MongoDB which store JSON documents. Parsing & figuring out details from large JSON documents is a regular thing. How do we generally do that? … Read more