How To Use Flash Drive In Both macOS And Windows Laptop

I have Mac OS & Windows laptops. I use both of them quite frequently. Now I have an external hard drive that I want to use for both Mac & Windows laptops. Basically the flash drive should be able to transfer or copy/paste files from Windows laptop to MacOS. Or I should be able to do vice versa & transfer files from Mac OS to Windows laptop.

So I needed a file format that is supported by latest versions of Windows & macOS. That way I don’t need to install any third party software to support the flash drive file system. exFAT file system came to the rescue. It is supported by both Windows & mac OS. So you don’t need to reformat or use a third party software when you are switching between the two operating systems.
By the way, it doesn’t work seamlessly with Linux distributions. You might need to see if you can use some third party software to make it work in machines using Ubuntu or other Linux distributions.

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