Download Fully Functional Free Software And Games

Who doesn’t like to download software or computer games for free! If we get something free for which we need to generally pay, that is a plus, especially for those who love to play around with new softwares. But how do you download fully licensed software for free? You can download the trial version with limited features which may or may not expire after certain days. But shareware version won’t give you all the features of a paid software. There are ways to get license or cracks online to make the software fully functional. But that is not appropriate. Simply put, that is illegal & may even be a security risk in your computer if you are downloading from unknown sources.

Now coming back to the original thing, I have found out a website called Giveaway of the Day. There you can download software & games for different platforms like Windows,  Android & iPhone etc. This website has been running since 2006! I am kind of surprised that I came to know about it just recently. They basically get special giveaway licenses from the software publishers & share them in their website. The thing is that these giveaway licenses are available for a limited period of time, mostly 24 hours. They keep changing the softwares almost daily. So you need to keep an eye & see if current giveaway software is needed by you. You need to download the installer & install the software within the limited time period. And you will get fully functional software for which you would have to pay otherwise. If you try to install the software after 24 hours or when the giveaway ends, you won’t be able to get the fully functional version.

Software & game publishers publish the giveaway licenses to promote their software or games. Software might have some restrictions like on future version update or support service. That will be mentioned in terms & condition. The software would be fully functional. So if you are interested in freebies, keep an eye on the website.

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