How to Download Death Rally for Free?

I loved Death Rally. Those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, it is a top-down racing game from the 90s developed by Remedy Entertainment. Anyways, if you are here & reading through the post, then I assume you already know what I am talking about & how good the game was. In those days, the thrill that I used to get from this racing/combating game was really addictive. I even played the remake/upgrade of the classic version some years back. And it was as good as the original one.

But I didn’t know that Death Rally can be downloaded for free. Last September Remedy Entertainment made Death Rally available for free to celebrate their 25th anniversary. And this original version of Death Rally is free forever. You are free to download & install the game. Both Windows & MacOS are supported. So if you are a Death Rally fan, nothing is stopping you to enjoy the good old days back. Whether you are on Windows laptop or Mac, just install the game & start the action. As an old DOS games lover, I just love the arcade game vibe.

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