How to Upload Missing Documents for Insurance Claim in MediBuddy Portal

Recently we faced this issue. We have MediBuddy as our medical insurance portal. We submitted a claim via the website MediBuddy team got back to us via email & asked for few more documents. There was a link in the email to submit documents online for that claim. But we couldn’t find any … Read more

How to Download Death Rally for Free?

I loved Death Rally. Those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, it is a top-down racing game from the 90s developed by Remedy Entertainment. Anyways, if you are here & reading through the post, then I assume you already know what I am talking about & how good the game was. … Read more

How To Download YouTube Video Subtitles For Free

If you are looking for some software to download subtitles of YouTube videos for free, you can check out DownSub. It doesn’t require any additional software to be installed in your machine which is a good thing. Installing third party software from unverified source can compromise your security after all. DownSub supports most of the … Read more

Play Neave Pacman For Free!

Neave Pac-Man was my favourite. This flash based version of classic Pac-Man game had a good graphics, seamless while operating using keyboard & worked like a charm. But due to copyright issues, it was removed for downloading. The flash exe file is not available for download anymore. Recently I just saw that Neave Pacman is … Read more

A Good Free Alternative To Collabedit

Many of us use Collabedit frequently to conduct technical interviews. It is a easy to use online code editor where code can be shared between interviewer & interviewee. It supports most of the common programming languages available like Java, C++, Python, PHP or JavaScript. But recently I have seen Collabedit having server problems frequently. Sometimes the website … Read more

What Is The Best Online JSON Formatter And Viewer

I wrote a post sometime back regarding using Notepad++ as offline JSON validator. There I touched upon briefly on a couple of websites which I regularly use to format or validate JSON documents online. Those are & I also mentioned that I prefer because it parses larger JSON files efficiently & doesn’t … Read more