Get Best Photo Scan App For Free

Nowadays we frequently submit soft copies of documents online. Most of the documentation or verification process for any kind of enrollment has become digital. One thing I noticed is that people often ask me to submit scanned copies of documents. I don’t have a physical scanner in my home. It doesn’t make sense to me to buy an additional piece of hardware that I won’t use day to day. And frankly, I don’t have to go to a computer service center to get a scanned copy like old days. Whether I am using Android or iPhone, there are tons of mobile apps which can work as photo scanning software. Some of them are free. I have used quite a few over the years. They are usually sufficient to get the job done. You can take a photo in your mobile, crop the edges & get a decent soft copy of the document. But these Android or iOS apps lag hundred miles in terms of quality if I compare them to the actual scanner machine.

Now recently I got to know about PhotoScan – scanner by Google Photos. This app is available in both Android & iOS. I used it in my iPhone. And I was literally surprised with the quality. That is what you call a proper scanning software. The soft copies that I got was almost as good as if I have used a scanner machine. How PhotoScan app works is simple enough to read. Basically this app will take photos from different angles with the flash light on. And then it will merge these photos & stitch together a single one. Because different angles have been used, so light focus can be adjusted while stitching the soft copy. It removes the glare that you would get in a normal photo otherwise. It sounds simple, but I am pretty sure that it was quite hard to release such a quality photo scanner app. Else other folks would have already done it. And the best part is that Google has made this app free. Here is a video from Google that you can watch as a demo. It is very simple to use. You can just download & start using it to digitize your documents or old photos. I am so satisfied with the scan quality that I thought of reviewing & sharing it. It is simply way better than any other photo scanner software that I have used.

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