How to Remove Next/Previous Post Links in GeneratePress Theme

I am using GeneratePress as my WordPress theme. I wanted to remove the previous & next links section that is shown at the end of each blog post. It just looked a bit cluttered to me & I wanted to keep my post page as clean as possible. But there is no ready-made way to remove the prev/next post links from the blog post section. This is not a widget. So a bit of manual work was required. Few lines of CSS code needs to be added. Instead of tampering with the theme files directly, I used a WordPress plugin called Simple CSS. It gives you simple interface to add any custom CSS script.

Once that is installed, below CSS code snippet should be added.

.post-navigation {
    display: none;

That’s all. Previous & next post navigation links were removed from the blog post section. I am using free version of GeneratePress. Looks like in premium version also there is no straightforward way to do this. Adding CSS code as mentioned above should be simple enough.

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