Solve Google Chrome Sound Issue In Windows

Just last week I solved this problem. In my Windows 10 laptop sound was fine. I was able to hear people in video chat. Even Microsoft Edge which is built-in browser for Windows was also working fine. But I was not getting any sound from Google Chrome. There can be various issues. But if there … Read more

Use Notepad++ As Offline JSON Validator

If you are on Windows & already using NotePad++, you can use it as an offline JSON validator tool. Just install this plugin. Now you can validate & view JSON text in tree structure inside the text editor. It might not give you fancy UI like some of the online JSON formatters do, but it … Read more

KMP Algorithm Explained In Plain English

Here I am just trying to explain KMP algorithm in plain english. I will also explain worst time complexity & why it is O(m + n). We will take two examples, one with no repeatable character in the pattern & another with repeatable characters in the pattern. Pattern With Repeatable Characters: Text: aaaabaabab Pattern: aaaaa … Read more