How To Switch To HTML Editor In Google Blogger

Blogger visual editor settings is now on the left hand side just under “Title” section. I had a bit of trouble changing from compose view to HTML view. It could have been a bit more prominent as people do toggle between normal blog composer view & HTML editor view. Anyways, please take a look at … Read more

Identify A Song Name By Its Tune

Sometimes you just stumble into some particular tune while surfing. Maybe somebody has used a particular music piece or song as a background sound for a video. And you want to listen to that whole song or music. But you don’t know the name of it. In that case, can help you. You just upload the … Read more

What Is The RSS Feed URL Of A Blogger Blog

Blogspot blogs do have a RSS feed url by default & you don’t need to use FeedBurner type of feed management tool to create a new one. Previously Blogger blog used to have only atom feed. That format still exists. But Google Blogger also introduced RSS feed format that is readily available. Just replace domain … Read more

How To Find Recurring Sequence In A Fraction

We are here to solve a LeetCode problem “166. Fraction to Recurring Decimal“. The problem states that: Given two integers representing the numerator and denominator of a fraction, return the fraction in string format. If the fractional part is repeating, enclose the repeating part in parentheses. Non-repeating Sequence Example: Input: numerator = 1, denominator = … Read more

Add Label To Existing Blogger Post

If you want to add a new label to your existing Blogger blog post, just check screenshot below. You need to go to Posts section of Blogger admin panel. And hover your mouse on the right side of the post you want to add a label to.