How to Solve LocalStack Always Connecting To LocalHost

I have LocalStack in my local machine for resolving AWS service dependencies. I am trying to test my application which connects to the LocalStack SQS. I have deployed my application as a docker container. The problem is when I am accessing SQS getQueueUrl from my application container, it is giving me localhost as AWS endpoint. … Read more

Connecting to LocalStack From Local Docker App Container

For doing dev testing of my application, I use LocalStack. It is really helpful in creating AWS cloud stack locally. That cuts cost for local development & testing. Also it is easier for developers to remove any DevOps dependency for credentials & IAM accounts while developing. Once LocalStack is successfully installed, we can access AWS … Read more

Java Program To Solve Word Break Problem

Given a string A and a dictionary of words B, find out if A can be segmented into a space-separated sequence of dictionary words. Input: A = “myinterviewtrainer”, B = [“trainer”, “my”, “interview”]Output: 1 (“myinterviewtrainer” can be segmented as “my interview trainer”) Input: A = “cc” B = [“ccc”]Output: 0 (“cc” can’t be segmented as … Read more